My Leadership Philosophy

When people identify me as a leader it makes me think what I do or what I did to make them put me on this pedestal with other leaders. After taking time to sit with my thoughts and reflect on my leadership ability and style, I came to the realization of why I lead the way I lead and why I think it is important. I lead because of the passion that drives me, I am a leader because of passion that consumes me, and leadership would not be the same without passion.

Ever since I can remember I have always valued the passion that people strive off of and seeing people in action due to their passion is what inspires me daily. I personally believe that leadership comes from passion because without passion we lose all sense of purpose. I have always been hugely passionate about women’s rights and would not be as vocal and as involved with women’s rights advocacy without my passion. I founded and was the president of my high school’s Feminism Awareness Club and without my passion I would not be able to lead the way I do. I believe that the Behavioral Approach Theory has helped me form my philosophy about leadership because it discusses what leaders do and why they do it (Northouse). Passion drives what leaders do and why they do it, and with a lack of passion there is a lack of leadership.

Through my many years of leadership experiences, whether that be at a camp, conference, in school, or at college, I have always noticed that the best leaders are the ones who lead with passion in their heads and in their hearts. Others may think that leadership comes from direct experiences only, but where there is passion there is a need or a will to do something better. Leadership stems from a tiny seed called passion, and once that seed is planted in the mind and soul, that is when leadership blossoms.