Leader Advancement Scholarship

As you may have seen me blog about, or will see me blog about, I am an LASer. Not laser, but L-A-S-er. Or better known as a Leader Advancement Scholar. This scholarship is awarded to forty freshmen students each year after a lengthy competition process. First, one must submit an online application detailing every position they have held, volunteer hours, and committees they have been apart of throughout high school. Then the Leadership Institute goes through over 2,000 applications and narrows them down to the top eighty and those eighty students get invited to competition day.

This is basically like the Hunger Games for Leadership. 

Just kidding (but not really).

After competition day the real Dan Gaken will give you a phone call if you made the top forty and will be receiving the $8,000 scholarship. Well, when I got my phone call I was in the middle of watching our school’s annual dodgeball tournament. But when the phone rang and I glimpsed at the 989 area code, I busted out of the gym doors and instantly bursted into tears. Good thing my best friend was the school’s yearbook editor and always carries her camera with her.IMG_6060

Yeah, this picture was made into multiple people’s lock screens.

Now here I am, at CMU as an LASer and I couldn’t be happier. The leadership minor is giving me all sorts of happiness I never expected and I am constantly surrounded by people who share the same sort of excitement about leadership.

To get more information about the scholarship click here! I promise you won’t regret it!