IMG_8920In high school I won the ‘Big Red Oscar’ for Most Involved, so it is safe to say I enjoy being busy and being involved. If I am being honest, I used to think I maxed myself out in high school by doing half the clubs my high school had to offer, holding a position in various clubs, starting my own club, and playing tennis. I realized when I got to college that I overworked myself in high school, and while I loved it, I began to lose time for the things I really was passionate about.

Here at CMU I am involved in the Leader Advancement Scholar program to further my leadership skills every week through leadership geared classes and programs. I am also a sister of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, and I hold the positions of Assistant Philanthropy Chair & My Journey Freshmen Representative. And lastly, I am involved in the College 101 Program which gives underprivileged and poverty stricken high schoolers the chance to get information about college and how it can be attainable for them to go away to college. IMG_7228

It was very odd to end my first semester of college and realize I went from being in over twelve high school clubs to only being in three organizations in college. But quite frankly I can say I am genuinely happy with my three decisions, because they each showcase my strong and dominate passions– leadership, domestic violence awareness, women’s rights, and education. I loved my overly involved high school experience, but I feel just as great about my experiences thus far at CMU, if not better.