For as long as I can remember I have been setting goals. In fifth grade I had a goal to get the cute kid Cole to fall in love with me. In sixth grade I had a goal to get straight A’s throughout middle school, and achieved that at the end of my eighth grade year. In high school my goals began to vary with personal goals and academic goals. But I really did not understand the importance of having goals until the summer before my senior year. I decided it was time to make a bucket list for my life, but not just any random bucket list– a goal oriented bucket list. I always used to separate my academic and personal goals, but why? I think by setting personal goals to achieve things, I can also set a personal goal of being academically driven. So rather than ramble on any more about my goals, here is a list of a few I want to accomplish in the upcoming years of my life:

  1.  Prioritize myself, regardless of what others’ priorities are
  2. Make the Dean’s List
  3. Get accepted into the College of Education    
  4. Study Abroad in Ireland during the summer going into my Junior year
  5. Become a more environmentally aware personIMG_5098
  6. Write a letter to someone I love every month
  7. Embrace my imperfections and my weird side
  8. Make an impact in the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega
  9. Be able to maintain balance
  10. Tell my mom and dad how much I love and appreciate them at least once a week
  11. Fall in love with my life
  12. Get my B.S. degree in Sec-
    ondary Education English
  13. Get a job teaching middle school or high school English