I am someone who values my education a lot and has always put my academics first, well second to my family. I chose to come to Central Michigan University because of their phenomenal Education Department. I am double majoring and double minoring with the plan to finish my degrees in four years. I am majoring in Secondary Education and English, and minoring in Leadership and Speech.

IMG_9359I have always been very passionate about reading and writing and I found myself always wanting to learn more. I think English is such an important subject because every career has something to do with it, after all English is our nation’s dominate language. Not only is it important to learn how to use it properly in speech, but also in writing and reading aspects. These skills are all so important and I have been fortunate enough to learn these skills and continue to perfect them here at college. Not everyone has this access to an education or reading and writing skills, so this why I want to teach. IMG_9333

My senior year in high school I spent my last two hours of the school day being a teacher cadet in an eighth grade English class. I got to work with the students, help plan lessons, teach lessons on my own, and develop a sense of where my career was headed towards in the future. This program solidified me wanting to be a teacher and helped me grow in so many ways. I got to attend the Future Educators of America conference in Washington, D.C. and compete, taking home third place overall.

I love people and I love helping them learn. The face someone makes when something has finally clicked in their brain and they have learned something new is just the absolute best. I am so passionate about educating children and helping them learn in new, fun ways. My majors and minors help me to help others, and if that isn’t one of the greatest benefactors of all, then I quite frankly don’t know what is. I love helping people and no one can ever put a price on that.