Hello reader! My name is Hannah Sinclair Bastian and I am currently a freshmen at Central Michigan University. I am involved in the LAS program as well as being a proud sister of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.


I enjoy tea, chocolate, late night runs to IHOP, reading, snow, rain storms, potatoes, animals, and flowers.

I love good movies, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, long talks, and people who smile a lot.

I dislike rude people, those who don’t appreciate their education, birds, and calculus. IMG_5426



I am the second of four children and the daughter of the wonderful Gina and Bill Bastian. I love my family more than anything and appreciate all their devotion, hard work, good morals, and kind-hearts.

I am a future educator who loves to find beauty in the little things and treasures hand-written letters and polaroid pictures. Overall, I am just a dedicated college girl who loves a lot in this chaotic world and is constantly feeling blessed for the life I am given.IMG_3406

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Debbie Soroka

    Iam so proud to know you’re Mom & work with her. She’s a very beautiful, loving, caring, smart woman. She has a huge heart…and love her kids more than life! Hannah iam so proud to know you & your family. I can’t wait to keep reading your blog, everyday! Very enlightening & interesting. You’re going to be that teacher that reaches so many students, they will mention you by name and thank you at their high school graduation…you’re destined for amazing, wonderful things Hannah, I’m glad I can watch it happen.💖

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